Unveiling the Cybersecurity Agenda in Latin America: The Argentine Case – Part III

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Discussions on Cybersecurity are taking place in international contexts, as is the case with the Organization of American States (OAS) and its programs, without the participation of civil society and without considering the perspective of human rights protection. On the other hand, these discussions are also being included in national agendas, which include topics such as the State’s security, intelligence mechanisms and surveillance practices.

This third publication is part of a series of three documents that we will publish on a bimonthly basis under the framework of a research project whose findings will be published during the second half of 2016, and whose main purpose is to determine the existence and content of a cybersecurity agenda in Latin America, focusing especially on the Argentine case in order to determine its alignment with human rights protection standards and, if necessary, make the corresponding suggestions or recommendations.

In this third publication, we will inquire into the opinion of some professionals from the technology community with respect to the policies, practices and regulatory framework related to cybersecurity in Argentina.

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